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Employee Profile

The Profile of the Employees of Kerala Books And Publications Society
  P. Vijayan IPS, Managing Director
  Harisankar P G, Manager (Personnel & Administration)
  K. Asokan, Production Manager
  Lovely.E. Andrews, Controller of Finance & Accounts
  Sindhu E.V., Assistant Manager (Finance & Accounts)
  Anil K.M, Assistant Manager (Production Planning)
  Madhu U, Assistant Manager (Store)
  Sandeep T.N, Electrical Engineer
  Sunil Kumar K.B, Assistant Manager (Printing)
  Sandeep K.K, Mechanical Engineer
  T.L. Jude, Chief Mechanic
  Joji Issac, Supervisor (Reproduction)
  Arun A, Supervisor, General Store
  Meera R. Das, Junior Superintendent (Administration)
  Bindu T.K., Junior Superintendent (Purchase)
  Lisha Vijayan, Senior Assistant
  Rashitha P.C., Senior Assistant
  Lini L. Jose, Senior Assistant
  Habeeba Beegum E., Office Assistant
  Jeshil S., Office Assistant
  Jineesh Kumar M, Office Assistant
  Roshini Thankachan, Office Assistant
  Maya V.V., Stenographer
  Jasna Babu, Office Assistant
  Cicily Prakasia, Office Assistant
  Saranya V., Office Assistant
  Teena P.S, Peon
  Anumol P.T., Office Assistant
  Anvar P, Office Assistant
  Shafeek K.A., Office Assistant
  Meenu T Pillai, Office Assistant
  Smitha K, Office Assistant
  Haseena B K, Office Assistant
  P. Rajesh, Head Gardener
  Ratheesh K.S., Supervisor (PPD)
  Namitha T.M, Assistant Store Keeper
  T.K. Ajith Kumar, Store Attendant
  K. Vineeth, Reproduction Assistant Gr-I
  Muneer Ul Haque, Reproduction Assistant Gr-I
  Baby Francies, Electrician Gr-I
  A.V. Saju, Fitter cum Mechanic Gr-I
  A.B. Anil Kumar, Fitter cum Mechanic Gr-I
  T.B. Rasheed, Fitter cum Mechanic Gr-I
  P.B. Viju, Turner cum Mechanic cum GR-II
  Gireesan K., Electrician Gr-I
  K.R.Sunilkumar, Supervisor (Printing)
  Ashly Thomas, Supervisor (Printing)
  P.P. Salam, Supervisor (Printing)
  K.Unnikrishnan, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  M.A. Arun, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  M.N. Sajeevan, Supervisor (Printing)
  Binu Thankappan, Supervisor (Printing)
  M.M. Mahesh, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  ABILASH K T, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Shyju Murukesh, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Pradeep p., Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Antony Joseph, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  T.G. Unnikrishnan, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  K.S.Vikas, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  T.D.Ratheesh, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  M.A.Devadas, Printing Helper
  Ratheesh Kumar T.N., Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Skylu Antony, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  T.G.Sarathlal, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  P.D.Viju, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Shibin M.R., Offset Printing Machine Operator
  K.P.Sagar, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Unnikrishnan M.M., Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Vinod Kumar P.B., Reproduction Assistant Gr-II
  Muhammed Shameer S.Y, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Mansoor K.S., Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Reji K.Rajan, Offset Printing Machine Operator
  Jiju N.A., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Shyju M.K., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Jinoj A.V., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Vinesh Kumar K.M., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Vinu Viswam, Printing Helper
  Hari Narayanan.A., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  T.C.Chandran, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Shameer K.S., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  P.K.Rajesh, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Abey K.P., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Deepak Thomas, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Robin Nirmalan, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Suneesh A H, Printing Helper
  Shibu P K, Printing Helper
  Rupesh C R, Printing Helper
  Rekha R, Printing Helper
  Joseph Clint, Printing Helper
  Sajeeb C B, Printing Helper
  Nisamuddeen A, Printing Helper
  Rajani P U, Printing Helper
  Santhosh T M, Printing Helper
  Vibin M M, Printing Helper
  Anas Masood, Printing Helper
  Jyothi K P, Printing Helper
  VISAKH K V, Printing Helper
  JOHNSON T F, Printing Helper
  Manoj E, Printing Helper
  Sudheesh K, Printing Helper
  Viji M.V., Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Tinu K. Thomas, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Sagitha M G, Production Planning Assistant
  Ralson C Joy, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Anoop C.R, Printing Helper
  Vasanthi M.C, Printing Helper
  Manikkuttan K.R, Printing Helper
  Sanil S, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Smitha K, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Darwin N, Printing Helper
  Ajith P B, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Hareesh K V, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Abhilash Kumar R, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Paul Ajith V A, Helper
  Athira K.U, Production Planning Assistant
  V.K. Sunilkumar, Offset Printing Machine Assistant
  Sabu K Varghese, Printing Helper
  Jaseera. K, Printing Helper
  Rohit raj K.R, Printing Helper
  Febin jos K.X, Printing Helper
  Athira .M, Printing Helper
  Rajeev rajan .V, Printing Helper
  Siji .T, Printing Helper
  Sangeeth Chandran .M, Printing Helper
  Ans aji, Printing Helper
  Sreejith E.S, Printing Helper
  Bindhya .B, Printing Helper
  Inshad K.M, Printing Helper
  Vinod kumar V.V, Printing Helper
  Balanand A.V, Printing Helper
  T.S. Thara, Supervisor (Binding)
   S. Chandra Babu, Supervisor (Binding)
  T.A. Santhoshkumar, Binding Machine Operator
  Ramesh V.G, Binding Helpers
  Jestine T.J, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  Babu K.Paul, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  M.B. Sura, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  V.K. Asokan, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  K.P. John, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  M.A.Jinan, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  Sivajith V.S., Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  K.V. Augustine, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  K.Prasad, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  Rahul Ghosh, Unskilled cum Loading Unloading Worker
  P.M SUkumaran, Sweeper cum Sanitary worker
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