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Men, Machines and Materials are the basic input of any industry. But today’s professional Management lays greater stress on the employees’ welfare activities.

1. Welfare Association
The Society has formed a Welfare Association to meet the aspirations of the employees of the Society. The Welfare Association runs a circulation library with a fairly good selection of books apart from a Reading Room which makes available to the employees newspapers/periodicals.A Sports and Recreation Club to locate talented sportsmen, artists etc. from among the employees of the press is proposed to be organised. To ‘start with’ a scheme to award scholarship to talented children of the employees has been introduced with effect from 1981-82.

2. Subsidised Canteen
The building used for canteen has been renovated spending about one lakh rupees during 1982-83. the employees of the Kerala Books and Publications Society have formed and registered a Co-operative Society during 1983. The canteen is entrusted to the Co-operative Society and subsidised meals and tea etc. are served to the full satisfaction of the employees. The Kerala Books and Publications Society is giving a monthly subsidy of Rs.15,000/- to the Co-operative Society to run the canteen.

3. Construction of Quarters
The Society is Contemplating steps to construct residential quarters for the employees of the Society under a phased programme. A sum of Rs. 15 lakhs have been provided towards this head in the annual budget for 1982-83.

4. Bore well
The Society has been forced to seek other sources for its enhanced consumption of water as advised by the PHED. We consider it our fortune to have struck ground water source adjacent to our premises. A bore well with a low level tank has been constructed with a net work of hydrants which help water and keep alive the rose plants and coconut saplings raised in the campus.
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